Peering in Latin America

Ken Gilmour ken.gilmour at
Sun Nov 1 04:03:03 UTC 2009

2009/10/31 Ken Gilmour <ken.gilmour at>:
> 2009/10/31 Dave Temkin <davet1 at>:
>> Ken Gilmour wrote:
>>> Hi There,
>>> I am looking for carriers who offer peering in Latin America
>>> (Specifically Costa Rica). So far the only carrier in Costa Rica who I
>>> have been able to find that does this is ADN (American Data Networks,
>>> While they are already on my list for a quote, we need
>>> at least one other diverse connection, so I would appreciate if anyone
>>> else would be able to help me find other carriers who operate here?
>>> Here's who i've contacted so far:
>>> RACSA - Can't get past 1st level support (they don't know what BGP is)
>>> ICE - Tried contacting a person who's address I was previously given
>>> from NANOG to no avail
>>> Global Crossing - Said they contacted an engineer who would get back
>>> to me, mailed them 4 times since to no avail (no bounced emails
>>> either).
>>> Level 3 - Apparently don't operate in Latin America
>>> AT&T - Want us to have a minimum of 3 locations in the US to peer with
>>> first
>>> So far ADN are the only carrier who have actually been of any help.
>>> Quick Googling for "BGP Peering Latin America" and "BGP Peering Costa
>>> Rica" and several variations thereof is not yielding any fruitful
>>> results.
>>> Thanks and regards,
>>> Ken
>> To be clear; are you looking for paid transit connectivity within Costa Rica
>> for the purposes of localizing traffic or are you looking for free or
>> reduced cost connectivity to very specific SP's in Costa Rica?
>> -Dave
> Hi Dave,
> I am specifically looking for any of the following two items:
> 1. A point-to-point link which we can advertise our own PI space on
> 2. A carrier which we can peer with for diversity.
> The current problem we have is that none of our carriers here support
> BGP so connection failover is done by means of manually switching
> routes on leased lines which causes our IP addresses to change. We are
> a 24/7 operation which depends on 5 nines uptime at the network level.
> I expect to pay for transit - but would not say no to free stuff
> (especially pens and tshirts) :)
> Regards,
> Ken

To also reply to my own reply :)

We have BGP4 networks in other locations (IPv4 and IPv6) - Costa Rica
being one of the places that don't have it... We would really like to
be able to implement it here but are finding it difficult to find SPs
who support Customers who advertise their own PI space.

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