Peering in Latin America

Ken Gilmour ken.gilmour at
Sun Nov 1 03:31:34 UTC 2009

Hi There,

I am looking for carriers who offer peering in Latin America
(Specifically Costa Rica). So far the only carrier in Costa Rica who I
have been able to find that does this is ADN (American Data Networks, While they are already on my list for a quote, we need
at least one other diverse connection, so I would appreciate if anyone
else would be able to help me find other carriers who operate here?
Here's who i've contacted so far:

RACSA - Can't get past 1st level support (they don't know what BGP is)
ICE - Tried contacting a person who's address I was previously given
from NANOG to no avail
Global Crossing - Said they contacted an engineer who would get back
to me, mailed them 4 times since to no avail (no bounced emails
Level 3 - Apparently don't operate in Latin America
AT&T - Want us to have a minimum of 3 locations in the US to peer with first

So far ADN are the only carrier who have actually been of any help.
Quick Googling for "BGP Peering Latin America" and "BGP Peering Costa
Rica" and several variations thereof is not yielding any fruitful

Thanks and regards,


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