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So quoting the original document again: "The Federal government, with the
participation of all departments and agencies, should expand support for key
education programs and research and development to ensure the Nation’s
ability to compete in the information age economy. Existing programs should
be evaluated and possibly expanded, and other activities could serve as
models for additional programs."

are any nanog'ers Educators, the newly educated or Employers of the newly
educated? Is Information technology Education really in as much trouble as
the report suggests? I work with two new graduates of computer science/IT
programs of state universities they demonstrate a high level of competence
in their work, but thats just my neck of the woods.

On Fri, May 29, 2009 at 12:37 PM, jamie rishaw <j at arpa.com> wrote:

> The White House just put out a release on net security[1] - at first glance
> a mission/vision/values paper, the release page[2] also containing a short
> video[3].
> At first glance, this looks promising - anyone else get a chance to
> read/review?  Comments?
> -jamie
> [1] http://www.whitehouse.gov/asset.aspx?AssetId=1732
> [2] http://www.whitehouse.gov/CyberReview/  (other links here as well)
> [3] http://www.whitehouse.gov/videos/2009/May/20090529_Cyber_Security.mp4
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