glue record

Florian Weimer fweimer at
Fri May 29 02:16:08 CDT 2009

* Anton Zimm:

> I did see the info from additional section, but:
> Afaik the additional section is not an answer, they're just additional
> info, not an authorized answer from the queried name server. I'm
> expecting to get a reply for my 'A' query in the 'answer section'.

The MOBI. servers are not authoritative for PUSH.MOBI., so returning
data from PUSH.MOBI. in the answer section would be wrong.

(ATLAS does this, but this doesn't make it right.)

> Now, from the 'authority section' dig is telling me that I can get the
> authorize answer from But isn't that circular
> dependency?

That's why the address is in the additional section.

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