problems with cisco 7200 and PA-T3

Jay Hennigan jay at
Thu May 28 22:22:22 CDT 2009

Adam Goodman wrote:
> Just installed a cisco 7204vxr with a DS3 interface. we are not getting more
> than 5Mbits.
> show interface is not reporting any errors. the provider tech put a piece
> test equipment on the circuit and sees errors.

Do you have access to both ends of the circuit?  No errors on either 
end?  In which direction does the provider tech show errors and where in 
the circuit is the test set being placed?  Does the test set show errors 
running to a hard (co-ax) loop?  if so you have a problem with the span.

Have you verified that there is exactly one clocking source on the circuit?

> Does anyone else use a cisco 7200 with a DS3 interface that we might be able
> to speak with?

We have several.  In some cases a 10dB attenuator is needed on the 
receive side if the carrier is too "hot" but this manifests as errors.

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