problems with cisco 7200 and PA-T3

Warren Bailey wbailey at
Thu May 28 21:41:16 CDT 2009

We have many 7200vxr's with DS3 interfaces. 

Though I am not sure this would be a interface problem. 

When you say that your provider sees errors on the circuit, where are
they putting equipment? Is it an in-line test or an end to end test?
Also, how is the DS3 being delivered? Be sure to check your coax and
connectors. If you are only getting 5mbps on the line, I would ask your
provider to come out and show you on a test set an end to end sweep from
Point A to Point B. If you are getting data, and do not have AIS - I
would assume somewhere something isn't up to spec physically. 

Feel free to ping me off list Adam.


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Subject: problems with cisco 7200 and PA-T3

Just installed a cisco 7204vxr with a DS3 interface. we are not getting
more than 5Mbits.

show interface is not reporting any errors. the provider tech put a
piece test equipment on the circuit and sees errors.

Does anyone else use a cisco 7200 with a DS3 interface that we might be
able to speak with?

Please hit me off list

Thank you,

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