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Thu May 28 09:16:03 CDT 2009

david hiers wrote:
> Hi,
> Is anyone aware of a voip-focused group similar to nanog?  Us voip pukes
> have to deal with the issues of allocation, routing, and management of phone
> numbers as well as networks, and I have not found a voice operators' group
> similar to this network operators' group.
> Thanks,
> David
Would kind of be difficult to maintain such a group. Which level of VoIP are
you talking about, the carrier end, the engineer end. Think about that for a
moment. For the most part, for issues regarding connectivity, VoIP is no
different than email is. Networks will be networks, VoIP will go down, life
goes on. Resolution can be found either directly through your vendor/carrier
or you can get a best guesstimate of an outage from the outages list or
here shooting off a "Are Cogent and Level3 chest thumping again?" message.

On the other hand, I don't know that I'd want to see a multitude of messages
from someone saying "My trixbox dialplan doesn't work!" or, (broken english
purposely inserted) "Why my Cisco Call Manager is tell me to partition!
I does
not want to format my disk! Please is you help!" There are lists out
there but
each has its pros and cons. VoIPSA (VoIP Security) Cisco VoIP - for Cisco
related telephony, Digium mailing lists, etc. Something akin to NANOG for
VoIP would quickly become filled with "WTH is he/she saying" like messages.

Sadly, most of my cisco-voip and asterisk-users mail has been ending up in
the trash via filter. I wonder if my email client knows something I don't.


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