Why choose 120 volts?

Dave Larter dave at stayonline.com
Wed May 27 17:01:16 CDT 2009

Seems like if the c14 was connected to a 240v PDU the 5-15 would deliver
240v to the equipment, arc/pop tripping the breaker on the PDU as soon
as it is connected killing power to everything on that PDU.

Or am I missing something, Also hard to believe it is UL since the c14
is rated 125/250v and well captain obvious says the 5-15 125v max.

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On Tue, 26 May 2009, Joe Greco wrote:

>> http://www.cdw.com/shop/products/default.aspx?edc=1036852

> Great, you're the latest person to invent a way to present a 5-15R
> offers something besides 120VAC.  This is neither new nor novel, but
> *is* dangerous and risky, and in no way "solves the problem."

No, this does NOT present 208v at a 5-15R.   Don't believe me, buy one
put a voltmeter across it.

I'll leave the FUD to others.

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