Why choose 120 volts?

Peter Beckman beckman at angryox.com
Wed May 27 11:03:54 CDT 2009

On Wed, 27 May 2009, Peter Dambier wrote:

> Theory says no matter whether the setting of the powersupply is 120 AC ord 240 AC it
> should work. Try at your own risk. I haven't :)

  I have.  Was in the Netherlands last week, and plugged my laptop power
  supply into the 240v (or so) feed, without incident (after referring to
  the label).

  I haven't seen a PC power supply which is incapable of both 120v/60hz and
  240v/50hz in a very long time.  I think even my 486 from 1994 had a switch
  for 120/240 -- nowadays it auto-senses, no switch required.

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