Why choose 120 volts?

Peter Dambier peter at peter-dambier.de
Wed May 27 09:20:06 CDT 2009

Brian Raaen wrote:
> As a Holder of two different FCC licenses I can tell you voltage is not
> what kills, it is amps and location that kill. Actually in certain cases
> as long at you have good electrical isolation, high enough dielectric
> breakdown voltage, and good grounding higher voltages can be safer and
> more efficient. Also, Thomas Edison was the one that discovered that
> trying to deliver DC more than a few feet was not a good idea.

Hi Brian,

as a Radio Amateur you should know AC radiates, DC not.

We did have really big trouble when when an ocean liner had to pass
under a cable bridge and for the passage, that cable bridge had to
be grounded. Eddies running through the grid brought half of the
grid down. The other half killed my computer with overvoltage.

Hydro Que'bec is running DC from the northpole down to South Florida.


Apropos, I remember a frenchman who fed his personal computer 288 Volts DC.

Theory says no matter whether the setting of the powersupply is 120 AC ord 240 AC it
should work. Try at your own risk. I haven't :)

Kind regards
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