Out of warranty APC PDU repair

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Subject: Out of warranty APC PDU repair

> Hi all, hopefully this isn't too off topic (since it's datacentre
> related).
> We have an APC AP7952 rack PDU which has stopped working. I believe the
> management module is faulty, and it is about 5 years old. APC don't
> service
> these outside of warranty at all so I'm trying to find a 3rd-party
> repairer.
> So far APC doesn't seem to understand this concept.
> Can anyone suggest a company that would work on these units in Sydney,
> Australia or nearby?

One company here in the USA that might talk you through figuring out what is
wrong and then can supply repair pars is Gruber Power Services in Phoenix.

Google for GRUBER POWER as they have several domains , though www.gruber.com
probably will work, too.

They are one division of Gruber out there that also custom builds fiber
jumpers and makes custom rack shelves and makes 1U 24 and 32 port RJ45 to
variously wired 25 and 32 pair champ connectors. and a myriad of other
things. They buy refurbish and sell LARGE UPSes and related gear of many
brands. Also have good prices on UPS batteries for folks here in the USA in
spite of  UnitedParcelService shipping prices... If you are ordering pallet
loads, truck becomes very attractive. Small quantities, use their EBAY store
as it is very automated and they give you a slightly better price that way
on small orders.

Good folks! We did a site inspection of their facilities years ago right
after a Nanog meeting that was in Scottsdale. By then they were already
making several custom things for us and we were delighted to see where it
all came from. They are flexible and versitile and like doing custom 

They can easily do custom punched and bent, drilled, tapped, etc steel or
aluminum "things" (typically RACK hardware) that can be left raw metal or
powder coated. Best price is NOT at some 10/50/110 like step but is related
to how many they can make of that item out of each standard sheet of
incoming metal.

For example, they custom made us dense 96 port OC-48 BNC
panels in 19" and shorter in 23" sizes. D shaped holes and we let idle NOC
fingers load bulk bought 75 ohm insulated BNC feed-throughs when and as
needed. VASTLY less expensive than commercial offerings. Also got a lot of
1U 16 hole blanks as we just string 8 pack of 735 cable to a customer's
racktop if they need T3s. That will take two such cables. Unless they have a
lot of RAS boxes that need many T3s, most anyone else will prefer OC-x if
they are getting much more capacity than that.

Anyway, I hope they can help with your problem and it is INTERESTING to hear
how long or how short APC chooses to support users...

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