Why choose 120 volts?

david raistrick drais at icantclick.org
Tue May 26 22:27:14 CDT 2009

On Tue, 26 May 2009, Joe Greco wrote:

>> Once upon a time, Joe Greco <jgreco at ns.sol.net> said:
>>> And I don't like not having anywhere to plug in my power screwdriver's
>>> recharger...  I suppose I should see if I can find someplace that has

> Yes, but this doesn't imply that you have access to those other phases.
> It is easy enough to be delivered 208V single phase service in a data
> center environment.

Uh.  208v single phase is functionally the same as 240v single phase. 
You grab 1 hot, neutral off the ground, and you have a common 110v 
circuit.  Even if you're 3 phase to your PDU, it's still single phase to 
the servers. (specialty gear excluded, but those generally plug direct to 
the circuit, not to a PDU).

This makes it very very easy to solve this problem, and I keep a few of 
these floating around at all of my datacenters, with big labels saying who 
they belong too.  (ignoring the fact that for drill charging at least 
there's usually house power available, but crash carts need these...)

C14 (M) to 5-15 (F) adaptor cable:


I also use them to run wall warts, etc, as needed.

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