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At least now we know where all those fees end up.


On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 11:14 AM, Jeroen Massar <jeroen at> wrote:
> Semi-Off-Topic here, I know, but it might help Network Operators to
> explain certain misguided people and thus lower noise and raise signal
> in various places.
> Short short synopsis: comic about how ARIN handles certain things and
> what ARIN does etc.
> Greets,
>  Jeroen
> --
> Currently published issues:
> Issue 1 - The Beginning of Team ARIN
> -----------------------------------------
> Synopsis: In issue 1, learn how Team ARIN was founded with the
> assistance of Jon Postel. See how active participation by the entire
> Internet community is key to Team ARIN's  success as it endeavors to
> facilitate the open and transparent, bottom-up policy development processes.
> Issue 2 - "FUD for Thought"
> -----------------------------------------
> Synopsis: In issue 2, Team ARIN embarks on a mission to raise awareness
> about the issue of depletion of the available pool of IPv4 addresses and
> encounters a new enemy -- Agent FUD. Working for the "Bad Idea Force,"
> FUD is busy trying to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt about IPv4
> address depletion. Using newly acquired technology, Team ARIN combines
> forces to help combat this new enemy of the open and transparent
> principles the Internet is based on, and in doing so creates something
> more than even they expected!
> Issue 3 - "FUD 2.0 - Return of the FUD Factor!"
> -----------------------------------------
> Synposis: Issue 3 begins with Team ARIN flying back from a conference
> when they are alerted to a new problem and an old enemy. Agent FUD has
> returned and this time he's seeking to undermine the Internet
> community's migration to IPv6. Read the issue to find out how Team ARIN
> saves the day and how you can help!
> (s/synposis/synopsis/ by me, that typo is still on the original site,
> rest of content all by ARIN, nothing I can do about, thus don't complain
> to me ;)

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