MX Record Theories

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Tue May 26 15:25:32 CDT 2009


> I thought i'd give you a quick response (and welcome to NANOG) :).


I can't believe that I've already received three very interesting responses in just over an hour !

I've been quietly lurking on NANOG for a while, just plucked up the courage to post ..... and might now even find a bit more courage to attempt to contribute to some threads !

Glad to see the community spirit still exists !

Keep the replies coming if there are any still on their  way ..... :)


P.S. Valdis Kletnieks ..... I've got the feeling that this ....

>  That 507 is critically important

if it's true, might potentially explain a few intermittent unexplicable issues we've been seeing at some sites .... time for some research me thinks.... :)


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