The adventures of Team ARIN

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Semi-Off-Topic here, I know, but it might help Network Operators to
explain certain misguided people and thus lower noise and raise signal
in various places.

Short short synopsis: comic about how ARIN handles certain things and
what ARIN does etc.


Currently published issues:

Issue 1 - The Beginning of Team ARIN
Synopsis: In issue 1, learn how Team ARIN was founded with the
assistance of Jon Postel. See how active participation by the entire
Internet community is key to Team ARIN's  success as it endeavors to
facilitate the open and transparent, bottom-up policy development processes.

Issue 2 - "FUD for Thought"
Synopsis: In issue 2, Team ARIN embarks on a mission to raise awareness
about the issue of depletion of the available pool of IPv4 addresses and
encounters a new enemy -- Agent FUD. Working for the "Bad Idea Force,"
FUD is busy trying to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt about IPv4
address depletion. Using newly acquired technology, Team ARIN combines
forces to help combat this new enemy of the open and transparent
principles the Internet is based on, and in doing so creates something
more than even they expected!

Issue 3 - "FUD 2.0 - Return of the FUD Factor!"
Synposis: Issue 3 begins with Team ARIN flying back from a conference
when they are alerted to a new problem and an old enemy. Agent FUD has
returned and this time he's seeking to undermine the Internet
community's migration to IPv6. Read the issue to find out how Team ARIN
saves the day and how you can help!

(s/synposis/synopsis/ by me, that typo is still on the original site,
rest of content all by ARIN, nothing I can do about, thus don't complain
to me ;)

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