IXP BGP timers (was: Multi-homed clients and BGP timers)

Chris Caputo ccaputo at alt.net
Mon May 25 12:59:39 CDT 2009

What's the BCP for BGP timers at exchange points?

I imagine if everyone did something low like 5-15 rather than the default 
60-180, CPU usage increase could be significant given a high number peers.

Keeping in mind that "bgp fast-external-failover" is of no use at an 
exchange since the fabric is likely to stay up when a peer has gone down, 
and BFD would need to be negotiated peer-by-peer, is there a 
recommendation other than the default 60-180?

Would going below 60-180 without first discussing it with your peers, tend 
to piss them off?


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