Multi-homed clients and BGP timers

Steve Bertrand steve at
Fri May 22 18:15:00 CDT 2009

Zaid Ali wrote:
> From experience I found that you need to keep all the timers in sync with all your peers. Something like this for every peer in your bgp config.
> neighbor xxx.xx.xx.x timers 30 60
> Make sure that this is communicated to your peer as well so that their timer setting are reflected the same.

Thankfully at this point, we manage all CPE of any clients who peer with
us, and so far, the clients advertise our own space back to us. I'll go
back to looking at adequate timer settings for my environment.

All it takes is a quick phone call to the client IT people to inform
them that a change will be made, and when they prefer I do it (in the
event something goes south). Also thankfully, I'm within a quick
walk/drive to these sites, which I've found to be a comfort during the
last year while I've walked the BGP learning curve (one of my clients in
particular leaves me with quite a few resources (fibre connections,
hardware) for me to *test* with between site-and-PoP ;)

Cheers, and thanks!

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