facebook DNS

Patrick Darden darden at armc.org
Thu May 21 11:03:08 CDT 2009

Whois query gets us:

both and are pingable, but DNS queries on 
them directly get various answers:

nslookup www.facebook.com
*** Can't find www.facebook.com: No answer

nslookup www.harvard.edu
** server can't find www.harvard.edu: SERVFAIL

This tells me the DNS is set up and semi-working, but incorrectly.  It 
answers correctly for a query for a domain outside its purview, but with 
a "No answer" for stuff it should know.


Darden, Patrick S. wrote:
> I noticed this as well around 11:50 eastern.
> --Patrick Darden
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> From: Maria Iano [mailto:maria at iano.org] 
> Sent: Thursday, May 21, 2009 11:56 AM
> To: nanog at nanog.org
> Subject: facebook DNS
> It looks like facebook is having DNS troubles. The www.facebook.com
> subdomain is delegated to some servers that are no longer answering.  
> Also apps.facebook.com is a cname to www-college.facebook.com which gets
> no reply.
> Maria

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