ISP best practices

Paul E list-nanog2 at
Thu May 21 10:47:51 CDT 2009

cmaurand> Check out as an alternative to bind.  Its
cmaurand> faster, more secure, does IPV6 and easier to maintain.

This is purely opinion.

BIND has warts, just as any large piece of code in wide spread use and
with lots of features will have. However, that's also one of its
advantages. Lots of folks run it and know it and fix it when it breaks.

Works for root & gtld servers, must not totally suck.

BIND does ipV6, has since BIND8.

It is also fully DNSSEC compliant. Is powerdns yet?

Yes. Do check out all the alternatives for DNS. But if you're looking at
ipV6 support because you want to be able to support upcoming protocols,
make sure your DNS can do DNSSEC correctly too.

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