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Bret Clark bclark at
Thu May 21 10:27:49 CDT 2009

While BGP can become a rather complex protocol to implement as a network
grows, basic BGP peering between two providers isn't really that
complex...probably talking 10 config lines at most (excluding
bogon/filtering). The first thing you want to make sure is that you're
upstream providers are implementing filtering, which most of the serious
providers do. That way all you can do is hurt yourself while keeping the
rest of us on the list here happy :).

It's best to get your own IP address space from ARIN if possible,
because if you use IP space from your upstream provider, it's becomes a
nightmare to change over at a later date...IP renumbering is not fun!
That was the one mistake we made when we first started. 

Personally I'm a fan of the "do it yourself" club...yeah you'll make
mistakes, but the hands-on approach is by far the best way too learn.

On Thu, 2009-05-21 at 06:38 -0700, Philip Lavine wrote:

> To all,
> I am sure this has been asked 10 to the 1 millionth power times, however may be the rules have changed. I am looking to set up a really small ISP with a few /24's. I want to host DNS as well. Is there any whitepapers/howtos/best practices on setting up multihomed BGP and DNS with BIND so I don't blow up the Internet.
> Thx
> Philip

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