ISP best practices

Steve Bertrand steve at
Thu May 21 09:30:06 CDT 2009

Jon Lewis wrote:

>  Still, it's
> better to get your config done right than rely on your providers to
> ignore what you shouldn't be advertising.

I have to agree completely with Jon here.

As a small SP, it is prudent to do everything you can to be a good 'netizen.

Apply your outbound prefix lists *before* you turn up your BGP
session(s). You should also ensure that you have a good grasp on BCP 38
prior to connecting yourself. This should be done no matter who your
upstreams are, large or small.

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing RFC 1918, BOGON and/or
your own IP space coming back at you eating your bandwidth from your
upstreams, so ensure you are not responsible for doing it to them.

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