NPE-G2 vs. Sup720-3BXL

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Fri May 15 21:25:12 CDT 2009

On Fri, 15 May 2009 22:20:28 EDT, David Storandt said:

> - Vyatta was proposed as an alternative system, probably best
> architected out of the mainstream traffic flows (no hardware
> forwarding), say a BGP route reflector or GBE edge router, similar
> argument to a 7200/G[1|2]. I can't say I'm familiar with the software,
> but the cost savings of premium x86/x64 hardware and 8x PCI-x serving
> a few 10GBE interfaces + built-in GBEs is intriguing, especially
> paired against our budget and relative Cisco costs. A spec'd out 1U
> Dell box with dual power, 8x cores, 4GB, RAID1 SATA, and 2x 10GBE
> XFP+2x GBE built-in came in under $7k with CPU headroom to burn.

Did you check PCI bus bandwidth?  That's probably going to be the biggest
constraint on "a few 10GBE interfaces" if they all get going full blast.
Remember that each packet is going to burn bandwidth twice - once in and
once out...
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