Managing your network devices via console

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Thanks everyone for the answers...

It came down to a point where, just sticking a male-to-male null modem
in between made this work at 9600 =)

I guess sometimes solutions are way easier than we may think, heh.


On Fri, May 15, 2009 at 11:04 AM, Dylan Ebner <dylan.ebner at> wrote:
> We use Cyclades (avocent) devices in our data center. They have worked
> great for us. Very reliable. Modem dial-in gives us great remote
> capabilities if we have a major outage. We had troubles initially
> getting them to work because the cable adapters were never pinned
> correctly for Cisco. We ended up making our own rolled rj45-rj45 cables.
> IIRC, this was a ton of work as you need to do some funky 2 wires in one
> position stuff.
> We also use Cisco 2500's with modem on the aux and an octo-cable for the
> devices. This works well too, but not as nice of an interface as the
> Cyclades. No special cables needed though.
> For power we have been using APC Managed PDU's. These have been
> fantastic. No compaints.
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> Hello,
> It's always cool to have console access to routers/switches and nowadays
> they are going from RS-232 to RJ-45 as a standart. I have got Avocent
> DSR 2035 which is a KVM+Serial console (all in one).. but while I was
> able to have it work against servers via KVM or/and Serial , I was
> unable to make it work properly against any network device. I am
> wondering if anyone had experience on DSR or similar boxes to configure
> them against network devices console ports.
> Making suggestions for alternative ways of centralizing network device
> console management is also more than welcome, I guess the old fashioned
> server attached usb-serial console is one of the most preferred way, but
> feel free to provide if  you have good ideas
> cheers
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> Mehmet

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