Managing your network devices via console

Seth Mattinen sethm at
Fri May 15 00:02:06 CDT 2009

Tomas L. Byrnes wrote:
> I've found Avocents to be a nightmare, and the company to be horrible to
> deal with.
> They work fine as a local console switch, but they are absurdly
> expensive for that use. The rest of their features are byzantine in
> implementation and usage, and their support and licensing policies
> exorbitant.
> Old school terminal servers and IPMI/DRAC cards work very well.

I have a PM25 that's an absolutely awesome console server. The only
thing it can't do that would make it perfect is SSH. I've never been
particularly impressed with the responsiveness of IPMI/SOL, but it's
acceptable since it's typically only used in an emergency.


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