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John Levine johnl at
Thu May 14 17:36:05 CDT 2009

>Dear Sprint EVDO people,
>Your man-in-the-middle hijacking of UDP/53 DNS queries against
>nameservers that I choose to query from my laptop on Sprint EVDO is
>not appreciated.  Even less appreciated is your complete blocking of
>TCP/53 DNS queries.

If I were an ISP, and I knew that approximately 99.9% of customer
queries to random name servers was malware doing fake site phishing or
misconfigured PCs that will work OK and avoid a support call if they
answer the DNS query, with 0.1% being old weenies like us, I'd do what
Sprint's doing, too.

If you're aware of a mechanical way for them to tell the difference,
we're all ears.

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