how many BGP routers, how many ASes

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Wed May 13 10:56:54 CDT 2009

Hi Irfan,

Take a look at the Team Cymru page here: 


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Hi all,

I have scouted around for this information, but not get very far.  I'm
hoping someone will have answers at hand.

What I want to know is roughly how many :

1.  ASes there are in the world today?
2.  BGP routers there are, for intra-domain as well as inter-domain
routing, in total in the world?
3.  BGP routers do the largest ASes have?

Really interesting would then be to say either how fast the above
numbers are growing, or to give estimates for what the answers to 1-3
will be in 5 years time.

An Internet source that provides the above information would be most
- though I can't seem to find it with google.

I'd be grateful for answer to be sent to me directly, whether you also
post to NANOG is up to you.

thanks in advance.


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