two interfaces one subnet

Scott Howard scott at
Tue May 12 21:48:06 CDT 2009

On Mon, May 11, 2009 at 2:59 PM, Chris Meidinger <cmeidinger at>wrote:

> Just to restate here, for people who have been responding both publicly and
> privately:
> I know that *I* can make it work, and I know that *you* can make it work.
> But I also know that it's not likely to stay working.

You might like to go and tell Sun, and most people who run Solaris.

This is not only a valid configuration in Solaris, but it's Sun's
recommended redundancy method, via Solaris "IP Multipathing" (IPMP)

I have personally configured hundreds of Solaris systems with IPMP, and
every single one of them has stayed working, for years in many cases.

Yes, you will need a different MAC address for each interface (which isn't
the default on many systems, especially Suns), and you won't necessarily be
able to control which interface traffic will be sent over if both links are
up - but if you're happy with those requirements it's it's a perfectly valid


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