Checking bogon status of new address space

Steve Bertrand steve at
Fri May 8 01:35:51 CDT 2009

Oliver Hookins wrote:
> Hi,
> my company has just been allocated some new IPv4 address space, and I want
> to do some sort of automated testing to find out any ASs out there that
> haven't removed the /8 it's on from their bogon list (the allocation to our
> local registry only occurred in November last year).

IMHO, if a network doesn't either update filters based on IANA
notifications or follow Cymru BOGON, then they don't deserve to receive
traffic from your network ;)

> Has anybody attempted to do this? It is worth bothering? Currently I'm
> considering pulling out all the endpoint ASs out of the BGP table, finding
> at least one subnet for each of them and attempting to ping or reach other
> common ports on a single IP for each AS from our currently working
> address space, and then the new address space and comparing results.

Sounds like a major PITA. Why not tell us what the prefix is that you
have, and we can ensure that our filters our clean?

Probably easier asking a few 'NOGs than it is sweeping a few thousand


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