two interfaces one subnet

Hector Herrera hectorherrera at
Mon May 11 16:28:07 CDT 2009

On Mon, May 11, 2009 at 2:22 PM, David Devereaux-Weber
<ddevereauxweber at> wrote:
> Chris,
> I work with iHDTV <>, a project that sends uncompressed high
> definition television (1.5 Gbps) as UDP over two 1 Gbps interfaces.  If both
> interfaces are on the same subnet, the OS sees the same router (gateway)
> address on both interfaces, and the results are sub-optimal ... around 50%
> packet loss.

packet loss is probably due to the network switch having to re-learn
the location of the MAC address constantly as it sees packets on two
or more ports with the same MAC address (think STP loops).

If your network stack and network device (switch) supports LACP, then
you can have multiple connections between a host and a network device.
 That is a very easy way to increase capacity and add redundancy.

That is how all of our VMWare ESX 3.5i servers are connected.


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