two interfaces one subnet

Chris Meidinger cmeidinger at
Mon May 11 16:23:11 CDT 2009

On 11.05.2009, at 23:19, Alex H. Ryu wrote:

> Unless you configure Layer 2 for two interfaces, it's not going to  
> work.
> It is invalid from networking principle.
> If you have to send the traffic for host in same subnet you  
> configured,
> which interface it should send out ?
> Basically it may create broadcast storm loop by putting two ip  
> addresses
> in same subnet in different interface.
> It may be allowed from host-level, but from router equipment, I don't
> think it was allowed at all.

Alex, I _personally_ know that it's a problem. I was hoping for an RFC- 
reference, or similar standards document, to show to customers to  
convince them to stop trying to hack things to make it work.


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