Checking bogon status of new address space

Frank Bulk frnkblk at
Fri May 8 07:44:04 CDT 2009

Please set up a pingable IP address for each new netblock and post it to
NANOG with a request to have us ping it.  It's not automated, but it's a
good start.


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Subject: Checking bogon status of new address space


my company has just been allocated some new IPv4 address space, and I want
to do some sort of automated testing to find out any ASs out there that
haven't removed the /8 it's on from their bogon list (the allocation to our
local registry only occurred in November last year).

Has anybody attempted to do this? It is worth bothering? Currently I'm
considering pulling out all the endpoint ASs out of the BGP table, finding
at least one subnet for each of them and attempting to ping or reach other
common ports on a single IP for each AS from our currently working
address space, and then the new address space and comparing results.

Oliver Hookins
Anchor Systems

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