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JC Dill jcdill.lists at
Thu May 7 10:51:19 CDT 2009

Shawn Hammer wrote:
> Not having raised floor doesn't matter so long as cooling is delivered 
> properly to the racks (top down, in row, or in rack),

Why do you believe that it is proper to deliver the cooling "top down"?  
Heat rises!  The cool air needs to be delivered to the bottom (raised 
floor) or front (alternate row cooling) so that it flows over/thru the 
computers on its way to the hot air intakes which should be located 
above the back of the cabinet (above the "hot row") or top of the room 
(for raised floors).

Disadvantages of no raised floor:  IMHO the cooling is not as 
efficiently delivered or managed.  Since electrical costs (and by 
extension, cooling costs) is one of the biggest costs for data centers, 
this cost is a large part of what you pay.  If they aren't being 
efficient in the design, their costs are higher, and you end up paying 
higher fees.  Yes, the build-out costs are higher, but it's the ongoing 
hosting costs that go ever higher year after year that will rack up your 

Advantages of no raised floor:  Someone can't sneak (a person or data 
line) into your cabinet or cage thru the floor.  Racks are more stable 
in the event of an earthquake.  Overhead cabling is easier to follow, 
maintain, repair.


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