Where to buy Internet IP addresses

TJ trejrco at gmail.com
Wed May 6 15:50:15 CDT 2009

>>> No - but it is *phenomenally useful* if it does. Changing addresses
>>> is only ever something you want in very specific circumstances.
>> You'll love RFC 4941 as implemented by Windows Vista and later.
>Their awful experimental IPv6 stack in XP already does 3041, so I assume
>2008, and 7 all do the same.  In the XP case, it's not very agressive in
>rotating addresses.

Nope, different.
No EUI64 at all - goes straight to randomized IIDs, but (cough) not to be
confused with Temporary/Privacy IIDs.
Randomized Link-local, randomized non-link local (Site|UniqueLocal|Global).

FWIW - WinXP uses 24hours/change_in_prefix/reboot as the default criteria
for new Privacy IID creation, is that not aggressive enough?  
	I'd be curious to know what makes it "awful" IYO, I use it daily and
have few complaints ... ?

(I think the bigger / better complaint against WinXP is the lack of
IPv6-transport support for DNS ... and perhaps the lack of DHCPv6 client
functionality as well)


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