Where to buy Internet IP addresses

TJ trejrco at gmail.com
Wed May 6 09:44:45 CDT 2009

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>> > > "stateless" with "constant" and "consistent".  SLAAC doesn't need
>> > > to generate the exact same address everytime the system is started.
>> >
>> > No - but it is *phenomenally useful* if it does. Changing addresses
>> > is only ever something you want in very specific circumstances.
>> You'll love RFC 4941 as implemented by Windows Vista and later.
>The fact that MS chose to use that as the default with Vista is odd, and I
>think a bad choice, but RFC4941 is not a bad thing in itself. It is an
>alternative that makes good sense in some contexts - but not, I think, in

While I was initially inclined to agree, operating this way does allow some
interesting capabilities - and I would be very interested in hearing from
someone @MS as to their thinking behind this decision.


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