Where to buy Internet IP addresses

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Some times ago, i would say 6 or 7 years, there was a BoF proposition at IETF to deal with such issue.
Work areas were to propagate routing mesh configuration information and automatic assignment of subnet prefixes to links. 
There were quite a lot of persons interested in such issues and some drafts were proposed. The name of the BoF was zerouter. Unfortunately, the working group was not created despite some real interest.


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> On Tue, 5 May 2009, Jack Bates wrote:
> > What is missing, unless I've missed a protocol (which is always 
> > possible), is an automated way for a CPE to assign it's 
> networks, pass 
> > other networks out to downstream routers in an on-need basis. I say 
> > on-need, as there may be 3 routers directly behind the CPE 
> and each of 
> > those may get additional routers and so on and so forth. A 
> presumption 
> > could be made that route efficiency is
> Why wouldn't DHCPv6-PD work within the home as well as 
> between the ISP and the home?
> I see little reason why the main home gateway can't get a /56 
> from the ISP, and then hand out /62 (or whatever) to any 
> routers within the home that asks for PD?
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