Where to buy Internet IP addresses

Mikael Abrahamsson swmike at swm.pp.se
Wed May 6 00:49:27 CDT 2009

On Wed, 6 May 2009, Karl Auer wrote:

> On Wed, 2009-05-06 at 07:12 +0200, Carsten Bormann wrote:
>> Really, /56 for everyone is the only way back to an Internet.
> Sorry, I don't see why /56 is qualitatively different to a /60.
> Honest question - what's the difference?

Because more is more, and it makes it less likely that people will start 
to invent silly solutions to problems that do not really exist. With a 
/56, I can't really imagine this being not enough for 99.9% of households 
in 10 years, whereas I CAN imagine a household that needs more than 16 
subnetworks, plus the PD model described in an earlier email makes a /56 
more suited for chaining.

We have no address shortage, there is little good to come out of trying to 
use as few IPv6 addresses as possible by means of constraints that are not 
necessary (let's be "wasteful" the first 50-100 years and "waste" the 
first /3, then we can look into if this is a problem or not).

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