Where to buy Internet IP addresses

Jack Bates jbates at brightok.net
Tue May 5 16:58:07 CDT 2009

Ricky Beam wrote:
> Ah, but they half-assed the solution.  IPv6 makes no distinction between 
> network and host (eg. "classless"), yet SLAAC forces this oddball, 
> classful boundry.  Routing doesn't care.  Even the hosts don't care.  
> Only the tiny craplet of autoconfig demands the network and host each be 
> 64bits.  That's brilliant!

So ask the IETF to drop it to generic 32bits. I presume they can draw up 
mathematical formulas to show that 32 bits can autogen and avoid a 
conflict with the maximum number of IPs likely to be found on a segment 
without having to do excessive DAD requests. Of course, they'll have to 
obsolete the 64 bit model and I suspect the vendors will complain about it.


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