Where to buy Internet IP addresses

Jack Bates jbates at brightok.net
Mon May 4 21:29:29 CDT 2009

Ricky Beam wrote:
> If I'm allowed to subnet my single /64, then I'm still not using NAT.  
> And as long as I don't go beyond /80, autoconfig can still work, at 
> least on ethernet -- which is pretty much 99.999% of cases. (not that I 
> advocate the use of autoconfig. *grin*)

Sorry, Ricky. But that won't work. EUI-64 is required for autoconfig, 
and it expands the 48 bits to 64 bits by inserting FFFF or FFFE 
depending on if the original is a MAC-48 or EUI-48 identifier.

That being said, you might be able to use stateless with tokens which 
can be less than 64 bits, though not sure how well implementations will 
handle stateless autoconfig with less than a /64. You can also use 
DHCPv6 with TA/NA addresses, though Cisco doesn't support those options 
in their IOS implementation at this time, open source DHCPv6 servers do. 
You can also backup to static assignments.


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