Where to buy Internet IP addresses

TJ trejrco at gmail.com
Mon May 4 20:35:02 CDT 2009

>> There are about 11 million /56s per person on the planet, we're not
>> about to run out.
>"We have enough addresses for about four billion of these."
>"We're not about to run out."

And while the two bear some level of similarity, and the comparison makes a
great throw-away joke - the difference is in scale.
Orders of orders of orders of orders (give or take a few more orders) of
magnitude in difference.
Taking the usual liberty with the math - 4.3B maximum addresses, compared to
18BB or so network segments (each of which supports as many hosts as we

Also, the quote was accurate - they were not about to run out.  
That was more than several years down the road.  Not bad for an experiment
that escaped the lab ...
Accounting for the aforementioned growth in the space, a run life of several
centuries for IPv6 should be sufficient.


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