Where to buy Internet IP addresses

Jack Bates jbates at brightok.net
Mon May 4 17:01:32 CDT 2009

Ricky Beam wrote:
> "64bit MAC" -- which pretty much exists nowhere.  It's a repeat of the 
> mistakes from IPv4's early days: CLASSFUL ROUTING.

Given there is no CLASS, but just a separation of network and host, I'd 
hate to compare it to classful routing. They probably would have been 
happy with a /96 network except for stateless autoconfig, which is quite 
nice for some stuff actually.

> I'm with you.  I wish vendors and spec designers would just get over it 
> and let people subnet however they want.  If I want to set a network to 
> be /96 or /120, I should be allowed to do so.  Yes, I know autoconfig 
> will not work -- and I don't want it to.  I can make /31 IPv4 routes -- 
> no router I've ever used complained about it. (that sends 2 addresses to 
> one place; what happens in the place is not the router's concern.)

I've not tried every vendor out there, but I've noticed some 
implementations handle /127 just fine from a routing perspective. I 
personally enjoy my /64 of /128 loopbacks. I'll be dead before I run out. :)


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