DSX cross-connect solution

Wallace Keith kwallace at pcconnection.com
Mon May 4 15:05:30 CDT 2009

I would stick with wire wrap, 66 blocks make an inferior connection. If
someone cannot deal with wire wrapping, they are not living in a telecom
world. Find a contractor who can do this properly. Both Telect and ADC
have good DSX panels in varying densities.


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I am trying to find hardware for a rebuild of our DS1 cross-connect
frame and can't seem to find much out there. We've got ~300 DS1s that
need to be x-connected between our M13s and I'm seeking an easy to
manage solution. I've looked at the Telect panels but I'm concerned that
my staff can't deal with wirewrap terminations. Has anyone seen, simply,
a high density 66 field that can fit in a 23" rack?

TIA -- steve

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