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>Joe Greco wrote:
>> One of the goals of providing larger address spaces was to reduce (and
>> hopefully eliminate) the need to burn forwarding table entries where
>> doing so isn't strictly necessary.  When we forget this, it leads us
>> to the same sorts of disasters that we currently have in v4.
>> ... JG
>And if you are encouraging /48 handouts, /32 isnt large enough to prevent
>on the global level.

If you are handing out /48s then 
	if have more than 64k clients (or will in the next few years) then
		You should ask (or should have asked) for more than a /32

(Need 128k clients? == /31)
(Need 512k clients? == /29)
(Need ~512,000k clients? == /19)	
	And, again, each of those clients has 64k subnets.
	With each subnet supporting as many hosts as they want to put there.

And, we can allocate 2^16 (64k) of THOSE (/19) sized allocations from the
CURRENT (2000::)/3.
	IMHO - While that should last us a "long time", we can follow that
up with 4000::/3 - and revisit policies then, as needed.

And, we could do something like use /56s for home-users and the math above
"shifts larger" ... 

Ask, and ye shall receive.

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