Where to buy Internet IP addresses

Charles Gucker cgucker at onesc.net
Sun May 3 15:31:07 CDT 2009

On Fri, May 1, 2009 at 2:29 PM, LEdouard Louis <LEdouard at edrnet.com> wrote:
> Optimum Online business only offer 5 static IP address.

Correct, this is a business grade cable modem service, where the only
allocation they will provide is a /29.   But what do you expect for a
triple play residential product for ~150/month that is asymmetric in
nature (since it's designed around a residential users experience).

> Where can I buy a block of Internet IP address for Business? How much
> does it cost?

If you need a larger allocation of IP space, you would need to look at
the commercial grade services, specifically within Cablevision, that
would be the Optimum Lightpath, but there are alternatives.    There
is a huge difference in quality and price between the OOL and the OLP
product sets, but the later is symmetric.

> Most of our devices only require an internal IP address to reach the
> internet,  but we have a Juniper DX for load balancing.

The symmetric, commercial service seems a lot more up your alley if
you are looking for server load balancing.    Also, keep in mind, with
the greater price tag comes a much greater SLA for service guarantees.

> We must provide Juniper DX with an internet IP address and point it to
> internal IP address for customers to be able to reach it from the
> internet. this is for testing and development purposes and will expect
> several servers on Load-balancer. The 5 static IP addresses just won't
> be enough.

Well, in the OLP product set you would be able to obtain as much
address space as you can reasonably justify (as is with most
commercial product offerings).


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