10-GigE for servers

Alan Hannan alan at routingloop.com
Sat May 2 14:22:31 CDT 2009

The 10G cards from Neterion 
(http://www.neterion.com/products/xframeE.html)  perform extremely well.

Much of your potential limiting rate will be in the CPU and networking 

I agree with many of the other folks that etherchannel should work 
exceedingly well, but if you want to consolidate, there are many choices 
for single-system 10G ethernet cards.


Jason Shoemaker wrote:
> My company is looking for ways to improve throughput for data transfers
> between individual servers.  We’re exploring the creation of Etherchannels
> using multiple server NICs, but Etherchannel seems to have the limitation of
> not supporting per-packet load-balancing, therefore limiting traffic between
> two individual hosts to 1 Gig.
> In most of my research, I’ve seen 10-GigE used for traffic aggregation and
> for the “unified fabric” solution that Cisco and others are pushing.  I’m
> interested in knowing if any of you have attempted to implement 10-GigE at
> the host level to improve network throughput between individual servers and
> what your experience was in doing so.
> Thanks in advance,
> Jason

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