Slightly OT: Calculating HVAC requirements for server rooms

Ricky Beam jfbeam at
Fri May 1 23:55:32 CDT 2009

On Sat, 02 May 2009 00:26:37 -0400, Wayne E. Bouchard <web at> wrote:

> ... approximation

Even an approximation is hard to make.  One might think the simple math of  
"how much power is fed into the room" would do, but it ignores numerous  
factors that greatly effect the answer.  I can rattle off example after  
example, but it's unnecessary.  You'll need professionals to install the  
hardware, so there's no point not calling them in for a consult.

(And the elephant in the room no one has mentioned is "air flow".  Cooling  
capacity is only half the equation.  Air flow *volume* is just as  


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