Where to buy Internet IP addresses

Jack Bates jbates at brightok.net
Fri May 1 21:52:45 CDT 2009

David Schwartz wrote:
>> I hear this a lot, but how many "linksys default channel 6" end users
>> really have more than one subnet, or even know what a subnet is?
>> ~Seth
> Wrong question. The right question is, how many would if reachable address scarcity weren't a factor.

Also the wrong question. The question will become, what will the home 
routers support. The most common expectation of home routers will decide 
the defaults for most ISPs.

One thing I currently dislike with implementations (and probably in the 
spec, though I haven't checked), is lack of support for variable PD 
requests. Sure, it's possible to configure radius to hand out specific 
prefixes, but what about variability. Many households will only need a 
single /64, while some will need a /60 (being nice on the nibbles). A 
more dynamic protocol would have been nice given that they were 
redesigning everything. That way a router needing only one subnet could 
request a /64, and then another router hooked up behind it could request 
a /64 proxied through the first, or perhaps when the second router asks 
the first, it renumbers asking for a /63, which the ISP might instead 
respond with a /60. A boy can dream.


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