how to fix incorrect GeoIP data?

Mark Foster blakjak at
Fri May 1 16:58:08 CDT 2009

> I don't think self-reporting is the answer.
> You MIGHT be able to determine location based on a traceroute, though
> anycast would surely derail such attempts.  I suspect most people rely on
> 3rd party GeoIP databases, and that those companies aren't interested in
> hearing from you about your location change, mostly because they are
> worried that if they do, the evildoers will overrun them with bad
> requests, or bait and switch, making their data less accurate than it is
> now without your block being correct.

Having recently leapt through a few GeoIP hoops to see about getting 
records fixed[1], perhaps the NANOG wiki could feature 'known ways to 
fix GeoIP' and be used as a reference?

Seems to be something that's going to be more, not less, significant to 
customers and network operators alike going forward.



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