Where to buy Internet IP addresses

LEdouard Louis LEdouard at edrnet.com
Fri May 1 14:58:11 CDT 2009

Thanks all!

I will look into the various suggestions.


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On Fri, May 01, 2009 at 02:29:24PM -0400, LEdouard Louis wrote:
> Optimum Online business only offer 5 static IP address.
> Where can I buy a block of Internet IP address for Business? How much
> does it cost?

	how much is Optimum Online charging you for each of the five?

	practically, you can not buy IP addresses. you can buy companies

	who have the right to use IP addresses (hard), or you can go to
	ARIN and justify your own "right to use" (not as hard, but then
	you have to deal w/ your ISP accepting routes for them),  -OR-
	switch ISPs.

	if you are willing to wait for a while (12-18 months) - rumors
	that folks might be able to swap/trade their IP space IRU's
	easily...  but thats just a rumor at the moment.  Check the ARIN
	meeting minutes for the SAT mtg last week.

> Thanks in advance
> Louis


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