10-GigE for servers

Jason Shoemaker jdshoemaker at gmail.com
Fri May 1 12:55:46 CDT 2009

My company is looking for ways to improve throughput for data transfers
between individual servers.  We’re exploring the creation of Etherchannels
using multiple server NICs, but Etherchannel seems to have the limitation of
not supporting per-packet load-balancing, therefore limiting traffic between
two individual hosts to 1 Gig.

In most of my research, I’ve seen 10-GigE used for traffic aggregation and
for the “unified fabric” solution that Cisco and others are pushing.  I’m
interested in knowing if any of you have attempted to implement 10-GigE at
the host level to improve network throughput between individual servers and
what your experience was in doing so.

Thanks in advance,


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