Google Over IPV6

Bernhard Schmidt berni at
Sat Mar 28 14:50:48 UTC 2009

Athanasios Douitsis <aduitsis at> wrote:

> Heard that they are somewhat picky about who they AAAA-enable. Our campus
> has had native IPv6 everywhere and upwards all the way to Geant for many
> years. We are thinking of applying in the hopes that it will boost IPv6
> usage.  Did you have any trouble getting them to IPv6-enable you?  Anyone
> from Google in the list with any informative comment?

We have one hop in between (the german NREN), haven't had any issues
getting it enabled.

bschmidt at lxbsc01:~$ traceroute6 -q1
traceroute to (2001:4860:a005::68) from
2001:4ca0:0:f000:211:43ff:fe7e:3a76, port 33434, from port 38962, 30
hops max, 60 byte packets
 1 (2001:4ca0:0:f000::1)  0.612 ms 
 2 (2001:638:c:a003::1)  0.429 ms 
 3 (2001:638:c:c043::2)  8.273 ms 
 4 (2001:7f8::3b41:0:1)  8.202 ms 
 5  2001:4860::34 (2001:4860::34)  20.122 ms 
 6  2001:4860:a005::68 (2001:4860:a005::68)  20.691 ms

If you are only connected to GEANT your mileage will vary, as GEANT
doesn't peer themselves there will be at least one additional hop in
between (GBLX most likely). I think they want a decent path and a usable
backup path, not sure whether Telia (the second Geant transit) is ready

I'd suggest you just try to contact them.


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